Location: Kasteelhoekstraat 1, 1820 Perk, Belgium

Paradise City 2022

A Green Festival - Electronic Music - Fine Cuisine

Paradise City wasn’t built by itself. It’s the result of hard work by countless volunteers before, during and even after the festival. Together, we envision what a city of the future can look like with people working hand in hand to create something truly amazing.

For every citizen on the dance floor having the time of his life, there’s someone who made this happen behind the curtains. As a volunteer, you are super precious to us, as you directly represent the festival to our festivalgoers. You can get involved in nearly all the activities needed to make Paradise City run flawlessly, from the build up before the festival to the breakdown after it. During the festival you can get involved at the info booth, the camping, the kitchens or the bars, the activities are countless and that’s why we need YOU! Engage yourself and do not hesitate ;-)

You choose, we adapt!
Depending on your motivation and availability, you can help out for 1 day and up to 3 weeks.

Working as a volunteer is also a great opportunity to learn about Paradise City from the inside out, to get out of your daily routine, sharpen your skills, develop new ones and create a special bond with your fellow volunteers.
Learn how to work in a team, discover a new universe, meet new people and of course have lots of fun! You'll see, the people and atmosphere are insanely chill.

With over 600 dedicated volunteers working throughout the summer, we definitely need a lot of helping hands to make it happen!

If you feel like helping us build Paradise City, you can register as a volunteer right here.

And why not bring a friend with you? « Alone, I go faster; together, we go further »

Do you got some spare time in June and/or July, a lot of energy, motivation and a desire to make something cool? We guarantee a great experience :)
This event has passed.