Location: Kasteelhoekstraat 1, 1820 Perk, Belgium

Paradise City

A Green Festival - Electronic Music - Fine Cuisine

Dearest Citizens,

At Paradise City we have a purpose. We utterly believe the future can be bright but that our generation needs to stand up and act. We decided to start with our cozy little festival and try to convince Paradise Citizens of the benefits and the necessity of a greener lifestyle. From the start in 2015, we decided to minimize the carbon footprint of the festival, and go full on for a green policy. Each year we accelerate our efforts, and in 2019 we want to take additional steps towards a more ecological festival with less waste, less emissions and more delicious & sustainable food.

This year Paradise City will be spread again over 3 full days, with a mixture of the finest selectors and live acts bringing you the warmer side of electronic music. Some of them are renowned tastemakers and need no introductions, others are crammed with talent and demand to be explored by your curious ears. It’s in that spirit we want to create a festival where the main “experience” is a dancefloor packed with energy.

We will make some changes to the festival ground and stages creating more breath-taking views of the castle and enabling more of that special energy. Paradise City is a sanctuary that explores what a great future can look like, a place that promotes diversity, where conversations & inspiration can blossom and where meaningful encounters will occur.

Together with you, our volunteers, we are heading towards our 5th edition on the 5th - 6th and 7th July at the stunning Castle of Ribaucourt in Perk. It has been quite an adventure and each year we are overwhelmed by your tremendous enthusiasm, reactions and the strength of the Paradise City community. Let’s celebrate life on 5th - 6th and 7th July, let’s celebrate our future, let Love rule!

Welcome to your festival, Welcome to Paradise City!
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