Location: Willem Elsschotstraat 17, 1800 Vilvoorde, Belgium

Horst Arts & Music Festival 2023

Contribute during Horst & play your part in providing an impeccable festival experience.

Horst wouldn't be what it is today without the endless dedication of our volunteers. Ever since the festival saw the light of day, many people from close and afar have helped Horst grow in countless ways. The share that volunteers bring to the table is undeniable and vital for what we're trying to accomplish.

Like any other year, we're looking for helping hands to make the 2023 edition one to never forget.

The returns vary accordingly:
1 shift = 1 day ticket for the day of your shift + 1 meal
2 shifts = 1 weekend ticket + 1 meal a day
3 shifts = 1 weekend ticket + 50% campsite discount + 1 meal a day

Special rewards for drivers and deconstruction due to different timetable (More info in next steps)
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