Location: Willem Elsschotstraat 17, 1800 Vilvoorde, Belgium

Horst Atelier 2023

Horst Atelier embraces five inspiring build-up weeks of working together, sharing perspectives and co-creating Horst from the inside.

The Horst Atelier is a five week program in which we collaboratively work towards building an immersive festival and visual arts program. We ask participants to subscribe for at least one week. Each Horst Atelier week starts on Sunday evening with a get-together and introduction of what the week will bring. The week ends on Friday evening. During the week we kick off at 09:00 and go till 18:00.

Horst offers accommodation, the basic sanitation needs, breakfast, lunch, dinner, water, snacks & coffee. Horst Ateliers weeks will be framed with talks, workshops and a group visit to Kiosk Radio. The Atelier activities vary per week. In return, you’ll receive a three-day ticket for the festival including camping. If you’d like to help out for a few extra days, you’ll receive additional compensation on top of your festival ticket(s).

This year, we’re adding a 5th Atelier week for the deconstruction of the festival. It will be slightly different from other Atelier weeks because there is no possibility to stay overnight and we won’t be organizing extra activities. The campsite will already be vacated and the festival site is still fully used by the festival. In other words: this one’s for the hard workers who’d like to help us out with making the park spic and span again after three days of Horst extravaganza.

More info on the Ateliers can be found here: Horst Atelier 2023
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