Location: Willem Elsschotstraat 17, 1800 Vilvoorde, Belgium

Horst Atelier

Building on the insights of the former LAB and the feedback of our volunteers, we're happy to present Horst Atelier. Four inspiring build-up weeks of working together, sharing perspectives and co-creating Horst from the inside.

The Horst Atelier is a four week programme where we collaboratively work towards building an immersive festival and visual arts exhibition. We ask participants to subscribe for at least one week. Each Horst Atelier week starts on Sunday evening with a get-together and introduction of what's coming. The week ends on Friday evening. During the week we start at 09:00 and go till 18:00.

Horst offers accommodation, the basic sanitation needs, breakfast, lunch, dinner, water, snacks & coffee. Each week is framed with a talk, workshop and a group visit to Brussels and Kiosk Radio on Wednesday evening. In return you receive a three-day ticket for the festival including camping. When you help additional days, you'll receive additional drink and food vouchers on top.
This event has passed.