Location: Willem Elsschotstraat 17, 1800 Vilvoorde, Belgium

Horst Expo 2023

Where the wild thinks are

For our upcoming Horst Expo, 10 contemporary artists are creating in-situ work. The program titled "Where the wild things are" meanders through the ruins of the Asiat military base, and hopes to take people on a journey in this new city district, to propose ideas and inspiration on how we can all shape the cities we live in.

Even though we strive to make our contemporary art commissions as accessible as possible, a guided experience is always a plus! We are therefore looking for dynamic exhibition guides who are willing to translate the artists' intentions and backstories, into an energetic 1-hour walk, to welcome and inform visitors and transport them into the world of the exhibition.

More info on the Horst Expo can be found here

Compensations depend on the nature of engagement

2 guided tours = 1 day ticket for the day of your shift + 1 meal
4 guided tours = 1 weekend ticket + 1 meal a day
6 guided tours = 1 weekend ticket + 50% campsite discount + 1 meal a day

Horst Atelier + guided tour = 1 weekend + campsite ticket + 20 tokens/guided tour

1 guided tour = 1 Open Air ticket for the day of your shift
For each additional shift = + 20 tokens

1 guided tour = € 35 + reimbursement of transport costs.

It is possible to guide during multiple events
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