Location: Horststraat 28, 3220 Holsbeek, Belgium

HORST 2018

Arts and Music Festival

It’s with pride and pleasure that we announce HORST Arts and Music Festival’s fifth & final chapter at the glorious castle. We’ll celebrate our anniversary & the adventurous run to it on September 7th, 8th & 9th, with an extra day & a third stage on offer.

HORST is and has always been the sum of its people, including its volunteers, being an integral part of the festival.

If you would like to be a part of HORST 2018, sign up below and follow the next steps to choose your own volunteer shift. You can either work before, during or after the festival.

Please note that HORST is an 18+ event, so volunteers also have to be 18 or older.

If you prefer to volunteer with your youth association or club (scouts, chiro, sports team,...) please send us an email at volunteers@horstartsandmusic.com & we might work out a financial reward for your help.

- 2 days = free ticket for 1 day of your choosing*
- 3 days = free tickets for 2 days of your choosing*
- 4 days = free weekend ticket
- 5 days = free weekend ticket + free camping


- 1 shift = free same day ticket
- 2 shifts = free weekend ticket
- 3 shifts = free weekend ticket + 30€ discount on camping ticket


- 1 day = refund of ticket for 1 day of your choosing*
- 2 days = refund
of tickets for 2 days of your choosing*
- 3 days = refund of weekend ticket
- 4 days = refund
of weekend ticket + camping ticket

*Please email us your preferred free day(s) before September 1st at volunteers@horstartsandmusic.com

**Volunteers who complete all their BREAK DOWN shifts will have their festival (and camping) ticket(s) 100% refunded to by Friday September 21 2018.

PS: join our "HORST Volunteers" group on Facebook to stay up to date or to ask questions.
This event has passed.