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Location: 76 Vooruitgangstraat, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

Claim the Climate

The biggest climate mobilization ever !

Dearest friends of the climate.

On Sunday, 2/12, the first day of the COP24, we claim an ambitious and socially responsable climate policy in Brussels. All together, allemaal samen, tous ensemble, we go for the BIGGEST CLIMATE MOBILIZATION EVER in Belgium: CLAIM THE CLIMATE!

GET ORGANIZED! Plan your train route, take your bike or your canoe and come to Brussels together with all your aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors!
You will find the required information on our website: http://www.claimtheclimate.be/

We are really happy to see that you want to help us making this possible. It's going to be a historical day!

We hope that in ten years you will receive your invitation to the 'climate change is solved' party! We're already excited!

People who would like to help can see the available options for volunteers here. Claim the Climate will take place the first weekend of December. We're in need of people who would like to help building up the event on Saturday (1/12), and especially we're looking for people that can help us on Sunday (2/12). Just pick a shift and climate karma will come right back at you. Thanks a lot & see you then!

To join Claim the Climate, click here.
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