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What Is Our Team Doing During Covid-19

Published on August 26, 2020

What Is Our Team Doing During Covid-19

We often receive the same question during these unprecedented COVID-19 times:

“What do you guys do right now?”

As the summer of 2020 got cancelled we had some spare time on our hands. We started talking about the past few years, we laughed with some memories and evaluated where we and our company are right now.

Are we still going places? Are we still offering the service we want to offer? What was and is our goal? Eventication is a start-up and in our founders' eyes we will probably always be a start-up, but the company keeps growing every day, even during these difficult times.

To be honest, we’re glad all of our founders still have the same vision they had several years ago.

We want to change the event industry and make things easier for the organizer.

This year we just kept on going, but on a different pace. We all had other ideas how to spend our empty summer.

And what did we do exactly? A lot!

  • Some of us followed (technical) trainings or learned completely new skills.
  • We had weekly brainstorm sessions.
  • Evaluated our current features and improved them.
  • Started working on new features.
  • Started to create and build our own hardware.
  • Cleaned our databases.

AND MOST IMPORTANT: We spend some times with family and friends.
Usually we're very busy during the summer, jumping from one event to another. But this year we especially took some extra family time.

Making the best of the worst.

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