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What are the 4 benefits of using an online platform?

Published on January 11, 2022

What are the 4 benefits of using an online platform?

We all battle with paperwork and Excel spreadsheets, Google Docs, forms... Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to do that?

Even though these basic software packages are designed to support businesses and their operations, it often ends up being a nightmare. Because we are only human, it's easy to get confused in an Excel or Google document, form,… and make mistakes where we are unable to retrace these errors.

Protection from data corruption is very low with this type of software and the risk of losing a spreadsheet/data is relatively high. Also, such documents are very easy to steal and/or duplicate.

One advantage is to be able to access your data from anywhere at any time

Besides security and time spent, flexibility and accuracy should also be taken into consideration. Yes, it's a real advantage to be able to access your data from anywhere at any time using any device and to be certain that each bit of information you see is accurate. Also, being able to go back and forth between different reports or overviews effortlessly is crucial.

Finally, not everyone needs to have access to all the data; what if you could determine who has access to what, and to what extent? Sounds interesting right?

In times when everything is being digitized and automated, we notice that in the event sector people are still very often using basic software such as Excel, Google Docs, forms,... As a result of this users often run into limits. This results in stress and frustration for the user.

When you are working in the event industry, it's important to keep an eye on work progression and duties such as crew/volunteer registrations, planning, accreditation, stock management, additional requests and so much more. The list is endless.

The use of several basic software packages to manage, track and monitor all these elements can become very confusing and slow you down. This flaw will have a negative impact on the reputation and the image of your event. The use of correct and modern managements tools is key to keep your business competitive.

The tools and programs you use should be there to help you run and grow your event. If they slow you down and complicate your operations, get rid of them and look for other solutions such as online platforms and move forward!

Most online platform providers offer free trials before you buy any of their solutions. So be bold, take advantage of these free trials and transition from spreadsheets to a proper online platform!

4 Advantages of using an online platform:

1. Tailored
The creators of these platforms have developed a tailored product by listening to the market. As a result, they built features which match the needs of their users. This makes them more user-friendly than most basic software packages.

2. Faster
By taking the time to set up the platform according to your own preferences, you can quickly save between 50% and 80% in time. Because the configurations are used throughout the platform, everything syncs and you will work faster.

3. Teamwork
Sharing basic software or having the latest version available of a spreadsheat is not always easy and could cause file corruption. With platforms, and certainly with online platforms, you can collaborate in 1 environment that is stored in real time. By granting certain permissions you manage the access for colleagues. You can collaborate in an efficient way. There is one source of truth.

4. Overview
Just a few clicks gets you a complete overview of your work, export the necessary reports and analyze all data in real time during the event.

So don’t hesitate and start researching which platform works best for you!

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