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Paradise City, A Festival On Boats.

Published on July 02, 2020

Paradise City, A Festival On Boats.

After Corona hit the world hard, who knew we would be able to attend at least 1 festival this summer?! 

Well, it happened. Although it’s hard to keep to the rules set by the government; keep your distance, stay in a bubble containing max 10 people... sounds impossible to organise a festival. Also, it’s not just organising a festival with all the rules in the back of your mind, you want the people to have fun too. Escape to paradise...

Well, Paradise City came up with a more than brilliant idea. How about... boats. Boats that could hold a safe bubble of 8 people on it, in the middle of a lake. People could actually enjoy some live music while they’d be safe in their small bubble! 


Off course we, Eventication, HAD to be there. We even came up with a new check-in method. 

The Paradise City Citizens, as they call themselves, were sent a QR code and the number of their own private pontoon boat.

Our new scanning system works directly on an iPhone or iPod. It’s a super smooth, easy to use, contactless check-in! We checked everyone in without any problems. Organisers happy, citizens happy, volunteers happy, Eventication happy!

If you would like more information about the scanning system, feel free to contact us!

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