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New (Free) Feature: Planning Module

Published on April 11, 2020

New (Free) Feature: Planning Module

Every event is entitled to a decent planning software. 
A lot of events still too often use spreadsheets to manage their volunteer/crew planning. Mainly because they think event software is too expensive… Think again!

That’s why we created a system where organizers can compile their own package so it fits their budget or we can offer them a free planning module that has more features then a spreadsheet.

By using our free module you will save a ton of time and you will have a complete overview of your event.

And no, there is no catch! There is no limit on the amount of crew, volunteers or amount of moderators!

These are the features you can use for free:

  • Work as a team on your planning by adding unlimited moderators
  • Volunteers can access your event by using a personal event link
  • Personalise your events homepage with your own texts and logo's
  • Create workstations, subworkstations and jobs
  • Volunteers can choose their availability days so you can easily create your own planning within Eventication
  • Send confirmation emails automatically

By using our free module, you can stop sending emails back and forth to crew and volunteers. Just send them your personal event link and they can do all the work for you! Save up to 50% in time by selecting our free package.

If you still think that spreadsheets are your only solution… think again, and start using Eventication for free.

Eventication will save you a lot of time and makes sure you have a complete overview of your planning.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to setup your free event!

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