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New Feature: Global Volunteer Database

Published on December 22, 2022

New Feature: Global Volunteer Database

If you are interested in staying up-to-date about new features, we invite you to read our release notes (only visible for current customers).

Over the past couple of months we’ve released a slew of new features. One new feature in particular deserves a closer look…

As you know, the goal of Eventication is to always save our customers time (and the stress that comes with wasting time). This is why we always try to think one step ahead about how we can optimize the operation of our customers’ events even more.

Until now volunteers would register for each event separately. This worked well, but the communication with the accumulated volunteer pool had to be initiated through a previous event, which caused confusion among the volunteers. That is why we’re now introducing a global volunteer database at company level.

Here's a brief overview of the most important features:

Follow & Overview page

Volunteers can now follow the company behind the event. Here they can find more information about the organizer and access the overview page where all upcoming events are listed. Each company will have a unique link they can share on social media, website, emailing, ... in order to easily build and expand their volunteer database.


Easily send emails to your new followers. Keep them informed of upcoming events and create more interaction with your volunteer pool.

Filters & Data Exports

Create filters which allow you to get more data from your volunteer pool. For example: Which volunteers in our permanent pool have been with us for multiple years? What are the demographics of our volunteers? And so on.

The filters can also be used to send targeted email communications. We already added some standard parameters for you to get started with.

If any parameters are missing which would be useful, feel free to reach out and we will make sure these are included.


Private comments about the volunteers across multiple events are now grouped at the company level, making them easy to access and update.

People With Less IT Experience

Eventication also thought about people who are less IT-savvy and who occasionally experienced trouble registering for the various events. All they have to do now is to create an account once and follow the company. Once they are a follower, the company admins can assign volunteers to events and schedules without the volunteer in question having to do anything themselves.


We will launch an updated version of tags near the end of January. From then on it will be possible to create Tags at the company level and assign them to your followers, making it easier to filter and automate.

Stay tuned for more updates and features for the company page in the upcoming months. Thanks for reading 🤗

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