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New Feature: Automation & Filters

Published on March 30, 2021

New Feature: Automation & Filters


We have been very busy at Eventication.
We've continued to work on new updates, features and brand new modules during these difficult months.

March 30th 2021, we will launch our most advanced feature yet on Eventication.
In recent months we have talked a lot with our customers to see how we could make their lives easier.

We wouldn't be Eventication if we didn't get to work with all this input. But as it usually is the case with us, we have gone that extra mile.

As from Tuesday, March 30, our customers will be able to automate Rewards & Tags based on filters they create themselves.

These filters work with AND & OR parameters. With these parameters we can not only provide automation, but our customers can also use these filters to perform certain actions in bulk and create and export their own reports.

The automation will be further expanded in the coming weeks / months with the automation of Zones and Documents.

These new features work seamless together with all our different modules so that you can easily automate your planning, accreditation and soon stock.

Automation & Filters will become a standard feature with all Eventication packages so all our customers can further automate their operations.
Eventication was already the most complete Event Platform on the market. We now dare to say that thanks to these new features we are the most technologically advanced Event Platform.
For our customers: you can find this new features as of March 30th 2021 (12:00 PM) under "Filters" in the “General” tab.

If you would like additional information about these new features, do not hesitate to contact us.
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