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An Open Letter To Alexander

Published on February 24, 2021

An Open Letter To Alexander


Dear Alexander,

(I hope I can say Alexander)

As you have probably noticed here and there, the event and cultural sector has been without work for almost a year.

A year in which our sector has shown solidarity towards the rest of the population without too much grumbling. I might even dare to say that the event and cultural sector is perhaps the most solidarity-based sector in the entire country. Not only do our companies have no work or income for a year, we have always wanted to provide solutions, a good example of this are the vaccination centers.

The vaccination centers have been set up at a record pace by companies and people from our sector. Our professionals will also lead and coordinate them so that everything can run smoothly.

We're ready, we're just waiting for those little bottles of liquid gold you promised us.

But just building the vaccination centers is not going to save our sector.

The population longs for life again, longs for events, longs for us!

Your government and the experts are always looking abroad to take measures or to look for new studies.

But did you know that we Belgians can also conduct studies ourselves?

Did you know, Alexander, that the Belgian event organizers and suppliers are among the best in the world?

Could it be that the whole world is watching us when it comes to events? Because if the best student in the class explains how to do it, the other students may also be able to follow.

The knowledge and know-how is here, here in our small Belgian country.

Instead of looking abroad, maybe we could take action ourselves and show the world that we can organize events safely, as we did for years before the dirty little creature arrived.

A few months ago there was a first test event in Barcelona where 1000 people could watch a concert indoors, the result: 0 infections.

Our northern neighbors, also a country with a lot of know-how, has started to organize test events both indoors and outdoors. The first results are in: 0 infections!

Alexander, if I may give you my humble opinion.

The Belgian event and cultural sector can start safely, because we are simply among the best in the world.

Let us also perform tests as the Netherlands so we can prove it, let us work together NOW so we can enjoy culture and live music again this summer.

Now is the time to start because we still need a few months to put all this together.

Let us do it, you might be surprised at the result.

Kind regards,
Tim, Frank, Sam & Nick
Co-Founders Eventication

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